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Corporate or individual solutions for those who want to advance in the world of cryptocurrencies. Trade cryptocurrencies quickly and securely. Create tokens easily. Get paid in the world's most traded digital currencies.

Digital account, wallet, profitability, APIs, all in one place.

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Registration and verification

Registration and verification

A quick and intuitive registration process to create an account and verify your identity, ensuring the security of transactions.

Security and reliability

Security and reliability

Data encryption, two-factor authentication, suspicious activity monitoring and your digital assets under the military-grade custody security.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Solve any problem. The 2nd Market team is qualified and ready you more efficiently and quickly.

Decentralization and autonomy

2nd Market came to change the way you interact with cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Get more from your digital assets

Your digital asset bank. Use crypto in your everyday life.

The is your gateway to digital finance. Get your free wallet for digital assets and cryptocurrencies now. Be part of the new economy.

Bring crypto into your everyday life. Pay in PIX, TED, transfer or tickets in cryptos. Use your card to make purchases and withdrawals throughout the Mastercard network in Brazil and abroad.

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A new way of living

We offer more tranquility for your routine: secure digital assets from day one.

Blockchain + IA

The Bkai Chain is ready to disrupt the use of blockchain.

BKAI Chain is a network that allows companies to take advantage of the power of Web3 technologies through artificial intelligence that embraces Web3 tools to enable easy access to blockchain.

No-code development platform

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol

Smart contract libraries

Code to earn

Web3 Virtual Card

Use for financial settlement (any transaction) and for any kind of action and permission (validation).

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Financial Solutions

Reach new investment alternatives of digital assets in a fully safe way

Protect your money

Efficient and secure storage of crypto assets.

Explore crypto assets by accessing custody, insurance, and staking services for digital assets through a secure and affordable technology. Ideal for institutional investors and service providers.

Store digital assets in a multi-layered security environment that removes traditional attack vectors on the blockchain, while providing accessibility and agility for use.

We bring solutions from the world of crypto assets universe.

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Fast and safe trading

Buy, sell and trade digital assets easily.

Liquidity and profitability at your reach. Control your assets and cryptocurrencies using an user-friendly interface.

Automated trading

Wallet that combines traditional finance and assets

Multiple pairs to trade

Safer than traditional banks

Borderless transactions

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High standard custody

We offer more tranquility for your routine: Digital assets safe from day one

Asset tokenization

Transform illiquid real assets into liquid digital assets

From the real world to the digital - liquidity for those with illiquid assets. From single to fractional assets. From a single investor to an exchange.

Tokenization is the process of bookkeeping assets on a blockchain, bringing opportunities to the market for investors and companies in the market.

Transparency, autonomy and liquidity.

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Software and NFTs

Discover, collect, create and trade unique NFTs.

We create your project from the ground up with smart contract development, issuance, trading interface, community, distribution and support line.

Access the crypto world for yourself, with investments and NFTs, or for your company, software and dApps.

Token.aim develops your entire project.

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Free and no fees

Come be part of the 2nd Market ecosystem and have the best of your finances.

We are working to constantly improve security and adapt our systems to the latest regulatory requirements. A secure and borderless technology for cryptocurrency payments.

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We offer the best digital experience in cryptofinance

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